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Set your sustainability goals

We help you elevate your sustainability ambitions by setting clear, measurable climate impact goals aligned with your ethical stance and sustainability vision.

While carbon footprint considerations are crucial, we encourage you to delve deeper into broader aspects of sustainability beyond carbon to unlock multi-faceted co-benefits and social equity.

With dimensions such as working conditions, fair trade, social and governance aspects, biodiversity impact, and double materiality, we help you craft strategies that resonate with your core values and business.

Project sourcing

Net Zero frameworks such as SBTi require you to prioritize climate actions within your own emissions scopes or supply chain, aligned with the 1,5°C target of the Paris Agreement.

Beyond your own reduction efforts, you can purchase carbon credits from the voluntary carbon market to help you during your transition, or address the compensation of residual emissions you cannot get rid of. These credits represent one tonne of carbon dioxide that has either been removed from the atmosphere, or which has been prevented from being emitted.

Our rigorous screening and selection process enables us to identify the most impactful and innovative projects that align with your climate strategy – both from our own portfolio and beyond.

Value Chain
We help you find project opportunities connected to your own value or supply chain (Scope 3), and help you structure the appropriate project. Carbon capture and storage, insetting, sustainable sourcing, fuel-switch, make your sustainability efforts visible and auditable!
Carbon Credits
Planet2050's high-quality carbon credits are aligned with international ICROA-accredited certification standards, certified by external auditors and issued on established registries. We maximize value by providing a one-stop-shop solution in carbon projects: from registration and advisory through the integration of digital Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV), through pre-financing.


You want to co-invest in Climate Projects together with Planet2050 and other partners? Let’s join forces!

We recognize the need of our clients to secure their supply of carbon credits, and offer different financing schemes such as pre-sales/off-take agreements or forward credits.

That way, you can help a new generation of projects to successfully take off, ensure privileged credit access, and plan your budget for the long term.

An agreement where you commit to buying a volume or percentage of the credit output in a specific period.
A signed commitment for a purchase of credits at a specified time in the future for a price agreed today.
Other direct investment options exist depending on specific project scenarios. Get in touch to learn more!

Get involved

Early engagement is key. By participating early, you unlock significant opportunities for yourself, project developers, and partners. This allows you to influence projects, ensure they uphold the highest integrity and align with your values, and guarantee that your impact requirements are integrated from the design phase.

Planet2050 facilitates direct, quality relationships with projects, allowing you to follow the entire journey from initiation to impact! It's not just the environment that benefits - by getting involved at an early stage, you also secure financial benefits and increase your returns.

You benefit from a win-win situation: supporting sustainable projects while improving your financial performance at the same time!

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