Credible Climate Actions for a Net Zero Planet

About Planet2050

Planet2050 is a globally active climate tech company helping companies reach their Net Zero commitment thanks to high-quality Climate Projects in Voluntary Carbon Market and sustainable supply chains.

From Carbon Capture and Removals to Industrial Emissions, SF6 and F-Gas mitigation through biochar and sustainable farming projects - we act as climate launchpad and incubator getting innovative carbon and biodiversity projects off the ground.

We leverage technology and digital tools to better connect digital carbon markets, creating end-to-end transparency with on-the-ground data connected to registries and environment asset marketplaces.

Join a new era for Climate Finance and Action with Planet2050!


“Making Net Zero Possible”

Planet2050 believes in a future where sustainable practices are not just necessary, but standard. Our commitment to digital innovation and our global outreach, spanning from Europe to Southeast Asia and other global regions, empowers us to serve as the hub for the new generation of Net Zero builders.

How it works

Planet2050 is building the first fully integrated climate Launchpad and Incubator for Project Developers - the real champions of climate transition.

Value Chain actions
Value Chain actions

Net Zero champions need to address in priority emissions within their own value chain, preventing emissions from happening in the first place.

Planet2050 helps companies identify opportunities in their value chain, structure efficient interventions, ensure optimal data transparency and align the financial incentives.

In addition, these value chain actions lead to financial benefits - for companies and Planet2050's shareholders.

Voluntary Carbon Markets
Voluntary Carbon Markets

Beyond the Value Chain, companies have the opportunity to neutralize their residual emissions and make voluntary contributions to climate protection projects.

With Planet2050, they get access to the most innovatiove, high-quality nature-based or engineered carbon projects with strong embedded co-benefits on local communities, biodiversity or water quality.

Selected Planet2050 projects

F-Gases & SF6 mitigation

F-Gases & SF6 mitigation

SF6 gas, with a Greenhouse Warming Potential 25,000 times greater than CO2, remains prevalent in critical high-voltage equipment across electrical grids. Yet, the landscape lacks sufficient innovation and targeted solutions. Recognizing this pressing challenge, Planet2050 has partnered with industry leaders to pinpoint and secure sites where innovative solutions can detect and mitigate SF6 leaks. This initiative not only confronts a formidable climate problem but also presents a prime investment opportunity in pioneering environmental stewardship and technological advancement.

Biochar Production

Biochar Production

BioChar is a highly porous form of charcoal produced from organic biomass waste and residues through a process called pyrolysis. It is renowned for its ability to improve soil fertility, sequester carbon, and enhance agricultural productivity. We are currently preparing certification registration for a project applying biochar fertiliser in local farms in Thailand

Mangrove Restoration

Mangrove Restoration

Mangroves are coastal vegetation ecosystems that grow in tropical and subtropical regions. They provide vital ecological services by sequestering large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in their biomass and sediment, helping mitigate climate change. We are securing assets in South-East Asia.

Making Climate Impact Real

We design and integrate innovative solutions for project Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) making environmental claims real, accountable and transparent for everyone involved.

MRV Events
  • Biomass delivered

    80 tons
    ID x009pq

  • BioChar Production

    Batch XXX, 30 tons
    ID x00924

  • Distribution

    Dispatch 248
    ID x007wk

  • Farm Application

    Farm ID 458, 5 tons
    ID x002zy

  • Credit Insurance

    Batch ID 458, 2,5 tons
    ID x003dj

Digital Environmental Markets

The future of environmental assets is built on digitally integrated systems.

Distributed ledgers such as Blockchain offer great infrastructure solutions to ensure high transparency and traceability capabilities within supply chains and along the whole life cycle of carbon credits, thereby avoiding any risk of double-counting.

Our in-house experts have explored the potential of blockchain technology for sustainability since 2016 and deployed numerous applications which can serve project developers, certification partners and government to develop Efficient, Trusted and Digitally Connected Environmental Markets.

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